Freelance consultancy

As a freelance consulant I prefer assignments in an agile environment as a senior full stack developer and/or technical analyst. I enjoy coaching and I like improving processes and workflow to make the working environment a more efficient and enjoyable place.

Gameful design

I have been developing games and apps for a long as I can remember. My dad bought me a book about coding when I was litte. He empowered me to aim for my goals in life:

To have a positive impact on the world though storytelling and creativity.

Virtual and augmented reality

I am very passionate about the rebirth of virtual and augmented reality. The newest cutting edge technologies open up new worlds with huge potential. Not only to gamers but also to a wide range of other fields such as education, healthcare and social wellbeing.

About me

I've always been very passionate about creating experiences for others. Over the years, I have build up more than 10 years of expertise in Java, Javascript, prototyping and game development.

Today I build high performance web oriented software for clients as a senior consultant. My background in Java and massive multiplayer game development has been especially useful for big corporate projects because it has taught me a lot about the syntax, patterns and structures many major programming languages and scalable software architectures share.

I am still very interested in game development and I am an early adopter of virtual reality and augmented reality, which I think will soon make their way into the business world as a useful tool for, among others, training and data visualisation. For such projects I usually work in Unity3D.

I strongly believe the mix of highly creative and visual (game) projects, alternated with solid and well organised corporate projects makes me a better freelancer, capable of working in big teams while remaining creative, agile, motivated and goal oriented.

I prefer freelance assignments in an agile environment as a senior full stack developer and/or technical analyst. I enjoy coaching and I like improving processes and workflow to make the working environment a more efficient and enjoyable place.

Projects with an educational element or that are socially relevant are extra appealing to me.

Scrum and agile

Jira and Confluence

Git and Stash

Java 8

JS, html and CSS

PHP and mysql

Spring Boot

NodeJs and Angular

Unity game engine

Project Info

While I try to do my best to recycle, reuse and watch my ecological footprint, the reality of daily life and of the society we live in often gets in the way.

In 10 years my kids will ask me why I did not do more to help save the planet. If I am honest, currently my defence sounds lame, even to my own ears.

'Terra Habitus' is my quest to have a positive impact on the world.

I am using my skills as a software specialist and gameful design expert to give people an answer to questions such as:

  • - How can I help to improve the climate change?
  • - Does it matter what I do?
  • - Am I the only one? If so, why bother.

I am building an app with which normal people like you and me can track their efforts, have fun and compete with friends and family to save the world.

While I am working towards a tangible 'end game', my Patreon blog is all about the journey. Join me on my quest. Follow my highs and lows from the early idea to the finished product and help me make decisions along the way.

Terra Habitus

Full Stack Developer @ Telenet

Project Info

I was able to join the eDevelopment department as an analyst with a strong technical background.

My job was to write and complete stories for the developers, help with the planning, map inter-team dependencies, spot technical problems and help solve these problems together with the functional analysts and architects.

After my role as an analyst, I returned to my comfort zone to work as a full stack developer within the Telenet Group. I have been working both on the front-end (AEM, Angular.js, Angular 2+) and the backend (Spring Boot, Java 8+) with as methodology both Kanban and Scrum.

During this period, I was also given the opportunity to reform the production incident processes within our department.

My role was to

  • - define and improve the production incident handling workflow.
  • - make sure that incidents were picked up and resolved in a timely manner.
  • - provide guidance and coaching to the developers working on incidents.
  • - deep dive into both legacy and new applications together with the team.


Full Stack Developer @ Telenet

Prins Linus

Project Info

To announce the birth of a little boy named Linus I created a website with a webgl and Android game.

In the game you collect the sugared almonds that are typically given to friends and family when a baby is born. The goal of the game is to collect as many points as possible without running into the plush penguins and dragons that walk around.

Prins Linus

Project Info

Diddit is an online learning platform meant to inspire and motivate both teachers and pupils by functioning as a knowledge repository, exercise tool and remediating analysis tool. This will make it possible to focus less on the overhead and more on providing every student with an individually adjusted learning experience.

During this project I was mainly active as a backend Java programmer. Our main platform technologies were Java 8, RxJava and Vert.x, A lightweight high performance application platform for the JVM that's designed for modern mobile, web, and enterprise applications. Important technologies and methodologies that we used during this project are Java 8, MongoDB, Groovy, Spock, AngularJS, REST, DDD and SCRUM/Agile.


Diddit @ VAN IN

Project Info

Sofie is a 5-year-old girl that has been diagnosed with bone cancer. To support little Sofie and her parents, I created the iOS/Android game Super Sofie. In the game Sofie uses her medication and chemo to fight off the cancer cells that have attacked her body. Together with her sidekick 'Chemo Kasper'​, she turns into a real super hero, using her super powers to cure her bones.

Scientific research shows that games like Super Sofie can help patients keep up their often exhausting drug therapy. In other words: they can have a positive effect on the treatment of severe diseases like cancer. Super Sofie is a free game, but I kindly invite players to make a donation to the children’s cancer fund.

Super Sofie

Project Info

In the game, you control a shield with your vision. Collect coloured resources to charge your abilities and to attack, but beware the enemy can bounce your attacks back at you. You win when the enemy has no more health.

You can collect various abilities by defeating enemies. Some abilities shoot special balls, speed up or split the balls, while others change the gameplay dramatically.

BouncerVR is a tribute to the arcade games of the past and present. Simple to play, yet engaging and challenging.


Project Info

To announce the birth of a little girl named Lena I created a website with a webgl game.

In the game you fly upwards together with your pet dragon and need to avoid swinging baskets. This minigame is a twist on flappy birds.

Prinses Lena

Node.js Developer @ Medialaan

Project Info

I was part of a team to build and maintain a number of high performance Node.js services that made it possible to watch full-length tv episodes on my client's website.

The Node.js services handled a set of tasks such as video encryption, playlist handling, video serving, statistics and user login.

During this project I have learned to work with the Node.js core framework and a lot of its modules such as Express, Redis, Mongo/Mongoose, async, winston (for logging), ...

We have written unit tests via a combination of the Mocha and Should libraries.


Node.js developer @ Medialaan

Senior Drupal Developer @ Medialaan

Project Info

During this assignment we maintained and updated all VMMa websites such as,,,,,, syndication, ...

Some of the highlights during this assignment were Solr search optimisation, performance tuning, updating the deployment workflow, integrating the use of GIT version control and Drupal based web-services with authentication.

We also upgraded most websites to Drupal 7 and researched the use of Unit Testing in the fast paced development workflow common for big media companies such as VMMa.

I was also asked to comment on and facilitate knowledge transfer between the team members and external consultants.


Drupal developer @ Medialaan

Project Info

Enhance your wedding with a personalised gameful invitation and bring your friends and family together in a fun contest to get the highest score.

Catch the Cake is a platform action game starring you and your fiancé as the main characters.

The game starts at a magical medieval castle where players encounter the happy couple next to their huge wedding cake. What they don't know is that in the background 3 naughty little dragons are forging a cunning plan to steal the wedding cake.

Catch the Cake

Project Info

Lead Drupal developer for the Eén website. During this project we used advanced techniques to improve the website performance such as Memcache, Squid proxy, Sphinx search and AJAX.

This website has been rewarded 'Site of the year 2009' in the category Television and has earned itself a 3th place in the general ranking. (by

I was also a part of the development team to create a new Drupal website for the TV channel 'Ketnet', which included user-gen functionality junctioned with their computer game 'KetnetKick'.

As a Drupal consultant I worked on the Studio Brussels Music For Life project including a Facebook app to promote the event.


Drupal developer @ Vrt

Project Info

TerraWorld Online was a small MMO based on the FSO engine with a strong focus on community. The game was inspired by games such as Zelda and Final Fantasy.

In the game you could build up the stats of your character, go on quests, collect items and even buy your own house.

The game was managed by the community for the community and was an experiment about how players of all ages can work together to create game content.

In 2014 we turned off the servers after 12 years. Some members of the community still regularly check the subreddit we created to keep in touch with old friends.

TerraWorld Online